5 Artificial Intelligence tools that you will want to use in your ecommerce

May 5, 2023

Much has been said in recent months about ChatOpenai. So much so that it has reopened the debate about the artificial intelligence and lights and shadows of its use as a digital tool. However, although it is invisible to most users, AI has been with us for quite some time and we can find it everywhere: when doing a Google search, in an email marketing campaign, when receiving a reading suggestion from a article, etc. In this post we are going to answer an interesting question: How can it help us in the ecommerce sector? Below we show you 5 artificial intelligence tools for ecommerce.

Artificial Intelligence has been with us for quite some time and is everywhere

Artificial intelligence is a technology capable of automating and improving production and commercial processes, there is no doubt about that. But what is truly important is that it allows anticipate customer needs. We have already seen in other posts the importance of personalizing the shopping experience to the maximum, which is why this point is of vital relevance for brands that want to differentiate themselves.  

But let's be a little more specific, how can it really help us in our relationship with the client? Let's look at some examples: 

  • Automate tasks with great efficiency and speed. 
  • Reduces error rate. In some things, machines fail less than humans. • It helps us segment the database in extreme detail. We already know that one of the big problems today is excess data and lack of filter. 
  • It helps define the customer journey with a surprising level of accuracy, an intangible determinant in whether or not to purchase a product. 

In conclusion: It helps us save time and use data optimally. These two factors are determining factors in the conversion rate and customer loyalty and can be used in different areas: marketing campaigns, attracting potential customers, generating content, etc.  

 5 artificial intelligence tools for ecommerce

Have we already convinced you of the importance of the use of Artificial Intelligence in the ecommerce world? If the answer is yes, let's go on to recommend 5 applications:  

  1. GPT Chat. The star AI tool on the market couldn't help but take first place, right? Currently one of its most popular uses is the generation of content, such as answers to customer questions, writing guides, script suggestions, etc. We have even been tempted to use it to write this post, but be careful, Google has already developed skills (of course) to detect it and penalize pages that use its help.  
  2. DeepL. It is an acclaimed automatic translator capable of managing up to 26 languages. With more than one billion users, its creators claim that it is the most subtle and perfect translation tool that exists. It is true that it is very intuitive and easy, and free for the user. For your website, its use can be very interesting, since it automatically changes the language, respecting the original meaning with a certainly advanced level.
  3. Conversica. Surely this AI was behind several emails you received. It is a very easy-to-use sales automation platform that has become one of the leading tools in conversational artificial intelligence. It strives to appear as human as possible thanks to the famous “natural language processing” and helps you contact, create feedback, qualify and follow up with potential clients via email until you reach the sales opportunity.
  4. Synthesia. What better than a “person” explaining to your client how your latest technological launch works or the virtues of your latest collection? This London-based platform can create videos in more than 60 languages (accents included) and with the possibility of choosing the presenter from more than 65 avatars. Without the need for prior knowledge since it is very intuitive, in just a few minutes you will have your video ready with a professional finish. Here we leave you some example, the result is spectacular. 
  5. Acrolinx. Did you know that according to a study, only 19% of brands create quality content? This fantastic tool comes to the aid of marketing teams. It allows you to write clearly, consistently and respecting your brand line at all times. It even guides your tone of voice depending on the type of audience and the medium in which you are writing. Perfect for writing high-level web content and dealing with product sheets.

Artificial Intelligence applications strive to appear as human as possible


If you are not yet using any AI tools in your ecommerce, Midrocket can help you get the most out of these tools and save time in the processes. We can no longer say that they are the future, they are part of our present and many brands are already using them to differentiate themselves. Join the trend and get the most out of your digital project.

If you need help implementing AI solutions in your ecommerce or you want to optimize its operation to sell more and better, ask mid-rocket!