7 advantages of voice commerce

July 4, 2023

Alexa, turn on the lights. Siri, find the nearest pharmacy. Our voice has become a valuable tool to find and guide ourselves in the digital and application world. And for digital commerce it was not going to be less. Voice Commerce is hitting hard and everything indicates that it will gain decisive importance in the coming months.

A few years ago we couldn't even imagine (in fact it would have sounded like science fiction) that we would buy all kinds of products from our Smartphone in a matter of seconds, with all the security guarantees. And this is already a fact. Voice Commerce means one more step in the digital shopping experience and it will change even more the way we relate to brands.

Its operation is based on voice recognition and artificial intelligence.

First of all, let's define what Voice Commerce is. Its operation is based on voice recognition and artificial intelligence. It is a technology that allows users to make online purchases using voice commands through virtual assistants and smart speakers.

The tools to access Voice Commerce are already old ones known to everyone: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri. Then smart speakers would also enter, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home.

7 advantages of purchasing through voice commerce

  1. Easy to use: This for us is one of its main advantages. In the end, what makes your life easier, stays. Voice Commerce eliminates the need to type, click, or scroll through screens. Small acts that require small efforts, and that many users are happy to skip.
  2. Better user experience: Voice recognition technology works better and better and this allows a more fluid and natural interaction with virtual assistants.
  3. Quick access to information: Without the need for typing or manual searches, virtual assistants provide us with specific details such as features, prices, availability and reviews from other buyers.
  4. Greater brand visibility: With virtual assistants, a brand can position itself within product recommendations to users. Being one of the suggested options can increase a brand's visibility and exposure, potentially resulting in more sales.
  5. Personalization of the shopping experience: Collect data and better understand customer preferences and needs. This is what Voice Commerce enables and makes it easier for companies to offer highly personalized product recommendations, based on the user's purchase history and preferences, which improves the shopping experience and encourages customer loyalty.
  6. Access to new markets: Technology, when used well, overcomes many barriers and expands the base of potential customers. With Voice Commerce a company has the opportunity to reach new market segments.
  7. Integration with other systems: Synchronization of shopping carts, real-time inventory management, integration with messaging and check out services...

    Voice Commerce can be integrated with other ecommerce systems and platforms, allowing for a more fluid and coherent shopping experience across multiple platforms.

Voice Commerce eliminates the need to type, click or scroll through screens, and it also makes it easier for businesses to offer highly personalized product recommendations.


If you still doubt the need to incorporate Voice Commerce into your web project, one fact: it is expected that soon 50% of searches will be by voice. Alexa is already recommending Amazon products and this technology will become increasingly integrated into our daily lives. Right now its boom is in the Fashion, Beauty and Cosmetics sector. It is not only something exclusive to big brands. Small and medium projects can be differentiated thanks to their application. Do you want more information? Call to mid-rocket