7 reasons why WooCommerce is a rockstar of online commerce

September 5, 2022

WooCommerce, yes or no? If you need to create an online store, the platform you choose will be a decisive factor for the success of your business. Knowing how to detect what your current needs are and, what is more important, knowing how to foresee your future needs, will allow us to decide if we are interested in carrying out a Woocommerce development or if another e-commerce platform will be suitable.

Why at Midrocket do we often recommend WooCommerce as the best developer for development projects? our clients? It is not only because it is one of the most solid options on the market right now, as well as the most used in recent years. Created for WordPress, its intuitive interface makes it the ideal tool for any user who wants to validate their business idea without facing large outlays.

It's completely free

Yeah, WooCommerce It's free. In a time when even the simplest application comes with a list of rates, it is a very good reason to start, right?

Open Source

As an open source ecommerce solution, WooCommerce is a rockstar. The platform is free and flexible. The fact that it is open source means that the user has 100% control of the content and data of their store. Forever. Also, in case any doubts arise, the development community at Woocommerce is very broad given its open source nature.

Unlike other hosted e-commerce solutions, such as Shopify, the data of a store developed in WooCommerce can be migrated to a different platform whenever the client wishes and there is no problem when exporting all the content.


The integration possibilities of WooCommerce are another of its advantages, something that saves our clients large sums of money by not having to turn to a specialized developer every time a need arises. Thus, for example, the different WooCommerce extensions allow you to quickly and easily integrate the virtual POS of the main banking entities and payment gateways: Paypal, Visa, Stripe, Amazon Payment, Mastercard... And this is just an example.

Along these lines, the optimized plugins that WooCommerce offers in a multitude of sectors is long: CRM, shipping cost management, volume offers and discounts, multi-language solutions, billing, etc.

Customizable design

With WooCommerce there is no longer a need to layout the design of your online store from scratch. Whether free or paid, the new generation of templates adapted to WooCommerce allow 100% to adapt to the look & feel of your corporate identity in a quick and intuitive way. The design possibilities are almost endless. And all this without touching a single line of code.

Easy to use

WooCommerce is a very easy to use platform, especially for those who have ever used WordPress. It is intuitive, and does not require extensive technical knowledge to get the most out of the tool. In a very short time, any user can be managing your store's backoffice quickly and efficiently.

Reports and statistics

Statistics lovers will enjoy all the possibilities that WooCommerce offers them. They will be able to access all types of data about your store: orders, customers, product stock, accumulated taxes, etc. They will also have access to sales reports filtered according to all types of needs. In just a few clicks you can download reports that will provide you with in-depth knowledge about current sales, historical sales and sales forecasts.

The power of a great community

Without a doubt, one of the great potentials of WooCommerce is its magnificent user community. If one in four websites uses WooCommerce, that means that every day there are millions of people around the world working with the same goal: improving the tool through Woocommerce development. Blogs, tutorials, online courses, forums... Whatever the problem, the solution will always be within reach of a couple of clicks.

Definitely: WooCommerce has democratized the sector and has made a fully functional and self-manageable platform for selling online available to all companies, regardless of their size, with hardly any initial investment. Something that until its arrival was reserved only for large companies.

At Midrocket we think…

There are several totally valid alternatives to WooCommerce. In another post we will talk about the benefits of Shopify or Magento, for example. But we see many advantages to WooCommerce, which is why it is one of the platforms we use the most. To start, with WooCommerce your online store belongs to you, and is ready to grow at the pace of your business, adding the functionalities you need. Unlimited! Take your project as far as you want.

If you have any specific questions about WooCommerce or are still not sure if it is the ideal platform for your business, ask mid-rocket!