Translate your website into multiple languages

Translate your website into several languages. Common mistakes and how to do them effectively

To translate or not to translate my website into other languages. That's the question. In the digital world, where borders are blurred and global audiences are the desired horizon to increase sales, the decision of which language to present your store in can make the difference between success and stagnation. With […]

5 reasons not to use WordPress templates

Why not use wordpress templates

We have already discussed at length the advantages of WordPress as a website creation platform. Now, be careful: when you have a limited budget it may seem like a good idea to use the many WordPress themes and templates available to be able to create a website quickly and easily. There are Premium WordPress themes […]

4 reasons not to justify texts on a website

Order and perfection. These are the positive sensations that justified texts in books and newspapers have always conveyed to us. Microsoft Word has also contributed to this slight obsession thanks to its “justify text” function. For this reason, from time to time clients ask us to also justify web texts when we are in […]

7 advantages of voice commerce

Voice commerce advantages

Alexa, turn on the lights. Siri, find the nearest pharmacy. Our voice has become a valuable tool to find and guide ourselves in the digital and application world. And for digital commerce it was not going to be less. Voice Commerce has been going strong and everything indicates that it will gain importance […]

ChatGPT: the artificial intelligence that could unseat Google from its throne

ChatGPT, created by OpenAI, is being the star topic in technological circles. There are those who have run to ask trick questions to time how long it took the machine to make it clear that it is just that: a machine. There are also those who have taken it for dinner and even those who have gone directly to the point and […]

The future of technology is… convergence

When we talk about the technologies that are going to revolutionize the world, we tend to establish correlations between advances that have done so in the past —such as the personal computer, the Internet or the smartphone— and trends that promise to do so in the future. Regardless of how sophisticated new technologies are, their nature is to solve a problem. Yes […]