ChatGPT: the artificial intelligence that could unseat Google from its throne

December 27, 2022

ChatGPT, created by OpenAI, is being the star topic in the technological circles. There are those who have run to do it trick questions to time how long it took for the machine to make it clear that it is just that: a machine. There are also those who have taken him for dinner and even who has gone straight to the point and used it to flirt on Tinder.

Beyond these anecdotes and all the creative uses that are being given to the artificial intelligence tool, there is no doubt that ChatGPT represents a new leap towards an even more digital market. Unlike chatbots – which have long been able to resolve customer queries about services and products – ChatGPT not so reminiscent of a robot and it does seem capable of maintaining a conversation with human beings, which significantly improves the customer's digital experience. From mid-rocket We can confirm that it is one of the most accurate and realistic systems we have tested.

Unlike chatbots and it does seem capable of maintaining a conversation with human beings

ChatGPT Examples

One of the first uses that many have thought of for ChatGPT is to easily generate essays or online content for enhance SEO positioning and be able to save considerable time in front of the computer. And indeed the writing level of the artificial intelligence tool is outstanding and also has great synthesis capacity. Nothing better than an example to prove it:

GPT Da Vinci Chat Example

The texts generated by ChatGPT are more than acceptable and in less than a minute we can have them in front of us several perfectly written paragraphs about a topic that we are completely unaware of. But did you know that the use of this technology can be quite expensive?

Google, who we are convinced is not amused by the existence of ChatGPT – there are those who already see the artificial intelligence system as the great threat for his million-dollar business – he is already working to make his algorithm can penalize to all those pages that use these systems to develop their online content.

There are those who see ChatGPT as a great threat to Google

How can you use it then for your online store without taking risks?

With a little imagination ChatGPT can help a lot in your content strategy.

ChatGPT Example for SEO

And so that you don't have to deal face to face with Google, remember that always We will recommend that you use it as inspiration or basis of the text, always rewriting afterwards and contributing to the texts the creativity, ingenuity and persuasion that until now is only a thing of humans.

  1. Product sheets: You can write tedious product sheets, for example, in a matter of seconds. To do this you will only have to provide ChatGPT with the necessary keywords and, of course, the essential information for each article.
  1. Customer Service: It can be a perfect support for your chatbot and answer user questions. From shipping policy to order tracking, questions about schedules and almost all matters related to the brand.
  1. Product recommendations: Since ChatGPT also has memory, it can perfectly understand your clients' tastes and preferences and make personalized suggestions.
  1. Generate image descriptions: To implement the SEO positioning of your page.
  1. Contents for your blog: It can give you ideas and even unlock you on occasion by giving you a new perspective.

We couldn't find a way to finish this article, so We asked ChatGPT to dedicate a poem to us. Our request served to confirm once again that the tool has a lot to improve, but is still exciting from a digital point of view. Don't lose sight of her!

ChatGPT poem example


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