Futurism or reality? Ecommerce trends of the future

November 3, 2022

E-commerce is experiencing its particular Belle Époque and, due to its high capacity for transformation, exciting changes await it in a short period of time. These changes will directly affect customer behavior, needs, purchasing and ecommerce trends.

Fueled by the pandemic, the e-commerce business has (and continues to) grow at a meteoric pace, especially when it comes to traditional retail.

A good part of society even states that they already prefer electronic commerce to physical purchases, since long lines are avoided and you can also read reviews and compare products during the purchasing process. And this change in consumer behavior forces brands and small businesses to make a drastic change in the way they connect with their audiences.

A good part of society even states that it already prefers electronic commerce to physical purchases.

By 2040, around 95% of all purchases are expected to be made through e-commerce. Digitization, therefore, is no longer an option, it is pure survival.

We analyze five ecommerce trends of the future:

  1. Omnichannel Experience

Do not confuse Omnichannel with Multichannel. The latter means that a brand is present on multiple channels (app, website, mobile phones, social networks, physical stores, etc.). This multichannel has been something that has been taken for granted for a few years now.

Omnichannel is a step further. In it, these channels would be interconnected and would offer a fluid purchasing experience even if the customer uses several channels. The omnichannel experience is increasingly becoming a necessity.

Let's look at the omnichannel experience through an example that we all know well: Starbucks. If you enter their app you can acquire their famous product for free Starbucks Rewards Card, considered an example within brand loyalty programs.

This card must have a balance, which you can recharge through several channels of your choice: telephone, website, stores, the app itself... They are all interconnected and any changes you make to your card will be applied in real time on all channels . This is certainly one of the trends that we find in abundance in ecommerce.

  1. Maximum personalization of the shopping experience.

In the age of information overload, time becomes a luxury commodity. Those brands that are able to personalize the shopping experience more easily win over and retain customers. And the online buyer is becoming more demanding. You appreciate personalized offers adapted to your tastes and feel tremendously disappointed when a website offers you products and promotions that have nothing to do with what you were looking for (in another post we will talk about the importance of a good cross-selling and up-selling strategy). selling to increase sales).

The online buyer is becoming more demanding and easily disappointed

At Midrocket we are clear about the three keys to success in a personalized shopping experience:

  • Help them find what they are looking for.
  • Discover articles according to their tastes.
  • Do it as quickly as possible.

  1. Enhancement of visual stimuli

It is no longer about having a good website, you have to go further. Visual content is one of the sexiest hooks when it comes to convincing the online consumer. We all know by now the importance of photos (and videos) when it comes to seducing and getting items to move to the cart.

In addition to the audiovisual material, the colors, the fonts, the order of the elements, the existence of such useful tools as search engines or online chats, the arrangement of the products, the architecture of the menu... an endless number of variables that will make the Your online store works or it doesn't work.

It is no longer about having a good website, you have to go further

Trends in the field of vision include virtual reality (the better an item can be observed, the easier it will sell). Being able to see, for example, a vacation apartment from all angles as if you were already there, makes renting it easier.

This extends to the purchase of a new car, a new dress, or a new ring. Virtual reality can be applied to practically all sectors and will develop enormously in the coming years. Image search will also experience a boom, as we will see in point 5. Amazon is already using it and it will make a difference.

  1. Increasingly faster payment options

Speaking of Amazon… What was the reason for its spectacular success? In large part to its speed of purchase. The platform recognizes you and does not ask you for your data over and over again. In a few clicks the product is yours and you don't have to fill out tedious forms (the online user is increasingly lazy and let's remember that time is money). This is something that may seem trivial, but it often makes the difference between buying or not buying.

In Spain, 3 out of 4 users continue to use cards as a payment method in e-commerce, but a new trend is emerging in e-commerce: the user is beginning to opt for recently-emerged payment methods, such as Bizum, Apple Pay or Google Pay, which are faster as well as secure.

According to marketing4ecommerce, 16% of payments in commerce are already made by this method, and the percentage continues to grow. What are you waiting for to include it in your online store?

  1. Search by image

We already know that a picture is worth a thousand words. There are times when we have a product in our head but we don't quite know how to translate it into words. In the fashion or decoration sector this happens often, right? We dream of a certain type of bag that we saw on person X on the street, but how do we describe it on Google to find it?

In these image searches, the social network Pinterest was a pioneer. You choose a product you like and the platform shows you similar products in an automated way. Asos also signed up to this new technology and created its famous Style Match.

We dream of a certain type of bag that we saw on person X on the street, but how do we describe it on Google to find it?

Image search will become a fundamental factor in the purchasing process. All large websites will soon include it in their technology, the user will become accustomed to this search system and will also demand it on the websites of medium and small brands. If you opt for digitalization and incorporate this type of search on your page, you will be closer to success.

How much do you want to get ahead of the future?

So far the 5 ecommerce trends of the future that we have selected. What seems futuristic now will be a reality in a few years. Do you want to incorporate any of them (or all!) into your digitization project? Call to mid-rocket! We will be happy to advise you.