Product sheets: 10 keys for your potential client to find you

February 17, 2023

Before reaching the product sheets of your online store, you have come a long way. You have managed to create a unique product. You have visited the workshops or factories of half the country until you found a supplier that achieves the excellence you were looking for. You have thought about who your potential client is - but you are missing the keys. You have turned to the best team for your ecommerce. Your logo and corporate image are top-notch. Your presentation event was a success. And now that? Now you need the most complicated thing of all in this world full of impacts: let them find you. 

We receive an advertising impact every 10 seconds, which is equivalent to 6,000 impacts daily. This is confirmed by an analysis carried out by Neuromedia. However, it seems that we are able to retain only a maximum of 18 messages a day. That means that we must be very strategic and sharpen our ingenuity to the maximum to place ourselves on that highly desired list. Whether we succeed or not, there is always a plan B. And in the event that they don't remember us, all is not lost. On the contrary. It is in fact in the digital field, especially on platforms like Google, where the decisive match is played, since this is where our potential clients They are eager to buy or discover new products. It's where they go with a clear purchase intention.

It is in the digital field where the decisive match is played

At a branding level, it is fantastic that we impact them as a brand, for example, on their subway ride or while they wait in the movie theater for the movie to start. Some large advertising campaigns achieve this, as well as smaller but brilliant ones. But in those moments the “click” to buy is not activated. Of course it is interesting that they remember us or that we draw their attention, but at the conversion level it may be more interesting (especially if financial resources are limited) to bet 100% on a digital strategy focused on purchase. 

Within this digital strategy that seeks conversion there is a key factor. What do we do so that our client finds us? In this sense, having excellent product sheets It is one of the first steps to work. If you know something about SEO, you will already know that a good product description positions your online store organically in the most important search engines.

The good thing about the digital world is that democratizes the market. Just as there are big brands that are not yet doing an outstanding job with their online store and make beginner mistakes, there are small brands that have been able to polish their ecommerce and their product sheets are fantastic. 

A good description of the products positions your online store organically in the most important search engines.

The 10 keys for your potential client to find you

Product sheets work like a showcase for your products. Do you want to have a window like those of luxury boutiques or look more like a neighborhood store? The answer is clear, right? Well, take note of these quick tips but with which you will hit 100% spot on:

  1. Use of Keywords. Key to position your page. At Midrocket we recommend Google Search Console to help you choose the words that will bring traffic to your page. Here it is also basic, of course, to follow the main SEO rules (long tail, use of tags, etc.).
  2. Use Sensory Words. Pure sensory marketing. There are words that evoke sensations. Also use them in your descriptions. And in the name of your products! 
  3. Do not copy! One of the big mistakes that many brands make is to copy-paste the descriptions of the products they receive from their suppliers. That completely dynamites your positioning. 
  4. Clearly show the price. Hiding the price is not an option. It is also advisable that you inform yourself about the psychological prices. It is proven that they work.
  5. Specify the dimensions of your product. It doesn't matter what product it is, from a piece of furniture to a hat or a perfume. 
  6. Be transparent with shipping costs. The customer hates getting surprises in the shopping cart. 
  7. Don't exaggerate the benefits of your product. It's also proven. It generates rejection and distrust. 
  8. Do not overwhelm the user with information. If you need to put a lot of information, create blocks, sections, use bold, go for bullets... Any tool that makes reading easier. 
  9. Create a good shipping and returns policy. And make it visible on the product page. This product is key in the first purchase. It is the most difficult to obtain. Help them trust you by seeing that the return process is agile and simple. 
  10. Use the video. Along with great professional images. Never see this area as an expense, having good audiovisual material is always an investment. Seduces and convinces.

Although it may seem difficult, many brands forget some of these points when addressing their product sheets. Our team, in addition to designing from scratch and fully managing your ecommerce, can also, if you need it, review these areas and give you the keys you are missing to position yourself in the best possible position.


If you want to have a successful ecommerce and for our team to give you the best advice on your sales strategy, ask mid-rocket!