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Cloking: the physical-digital coexistence

The challenge: implement an electronic commerce system that would be able to scale to the physical commerce managing a central stock.

The client requested the design and development of an eCommerce platform together with the installation of a point of sale terminal for the physical shop with an essential requirement: maintaining the stock of the shops unified and synchronised.

We offered an effective solution being supported by our Cloud servicio in which we captured the necessities suggested by out client based on the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. Through the platform they could manage all the operations of the brand, whether they were from the webpage or the shop indistinctively.

ClientCloking Clothes

Key factorseCommerce, fashion, responsive, Cloud, SEO, analytics, point of sale

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A company based on the Cloud

100% Cloud Work: all the information is in the Cloud. This way, the client can manage the shop at any time anywhere.

Digital strategy

In order to reach the proposed goals in terms of scaleability, it was necessary to study the technologies to use, just like the way of doing it:

  • We studied the best way of selling the trend products effectively, and allowing the self-management.
  • We implemented a self-manageable eCommerce.
  • We developed and adapted the platform to the necessities of the project.
  • With the opening of the physical sales, we implemented a point of sale system.
  • We unified the physical-digital stock for a more effective management.

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