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The Balisac: 100% online strategy

We designed and introduced the strategy so The Balisac was launched to the market completely digitally

The client requested an eCommerce platform where they could sell their products online. Furthermore, they required a strategy that contemplated the generation of sales through digital marketing.

For that we designed a digital strategy with a holistic approach. In it, we elaborated a concept of brand, communication strategy and operative procedures. We developed a sales platform in line with the values that represented the brand, integrating metrics and studying the experience of the consumer in detail.

ClientThe Balisac

Key factorseCommerce, PHP, UX/UI, responsive, Wordpress, Analytics, ads, SEO

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Digital strategy

Looking to launching a business model based on the Internet, we planned the key elements that will shape the digital strategy of the brand:

  • We analysed the nature of the business in order to create a brand image that is simple and attractive.
  • We segmented the potential public, obtaining a very concrete profile of the early-adopters.
  • We prepared marketing campaigns promoting their products and making it efficient until obtaining optimal and sustainable ratios.
  • We planned the development of a sales platform some minimal guidelines and ease of purchase.
  • We introduced an integration module with MRW to speed the logistic process: label generation, order tracking, etc.


As it should be done in any company that is digital native, we raised the project in the Cloud providing flexibility and scaleability to the platform. We organised and centralise all the information keeping it safe:

  • Transactions and orders
  • Logistics management
  • Invoicing
  • Payment to suppliers

Our procedure allowed the brand to establish a company structure fast and efficiently. Furthermore, our contingency plans included back-ups and balancing system avoiding the downtime.

User experience

Through our methods of observation and correction, we studied the interaction of the users with the webpage, performing a process of improvement of the rate and general buying experience.

  • We designed a simple buying process in two steps, encouraging the purchase and reducing the abandonment rate as it happens in part of the e-commerce platforms.
  • We improved the accessibility and visibility of the products to facilitate the purchase.
  • We embebed attractive animations and made most of the elements of the webpage interactive, increasing to a large extent the conversion rate.
  • We take care of all the UX/UI design to maximise the client experience. Animations, forms and many more elements taken care of down to the smallest detail.

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