The future of technology is… convergence

April 7, 2022

When we talk about the technologies that are going to revolutionize the world, we tend to establish correlations between advances that have done so in the past —such as the personal computer, the Internet or the smartphone— and trends that promise to do so in the future.

Regardless of how sophisticated new technologies are, their nature is to solve a problem. If they are unable to serve this purpose, they are useless.

And it is that, often, we see that it is technology in search of a problem. At the same time, the teams that develop these business models based on cutting-edge technologies often have little real understanding of the area they are trying to apply it to.

We believe that the future will not be dominated by one technology or another exclusively, but by several at the same time working together. From machine learning to augmented reality, passing through IoT or blockchain. These technologies can and should converge to act as accelerators for each other.

M2m data exchange and new security schemes. Deep Learning algorithms for processing large amounts of data and decision making. Access to information through new interfaces such as augmented reality devices. And a long etcetera of examples that will constitute the economy of the future.

Every 18-24 months the business model of companies is forced to change due to technology. The key to survival is having a digital strategy.

At Midrocket we have it clear and we offer solutions based on this philosophy.