The Spanish digital buyer buys at the last minute and does not want to pay more than €6 for shipping

January 25, 2023

Do you want to know what the people who come to your area are looking for, want, expect and need? ecommerce? Although he is still very young we can already make a x-ray of the Spanish online buyer profile. This analysis is vital for any brand that wants to be competitive in the online field.

The Spanish digital buyer profile trusts more in national brands than international, perhaps because for him the trust It is the definitive value when making a purchase. This may explain why brands like El Corte Inglés, which have had a hard time standing out in the field of online sales, have risen quickly as soon as they have seriously started working on their digital sales strategy. Carrefour, Media Markt, Zara, Mercadona, Zalando and Ikea follow in the ranking.

Amazon continues to be, until further notice, the shopping site par excellence for the Spanish digital buyer, far ahead of its competitors. To such an extent it is a leader that in 2021 (we will have to wait until the end of 2022) the 90% of the Spanish had made purchases on the platform. The reasons? Its wide range, the speed of purchase (do you have to re-enter your data over and over again? No, thanks!!!), security (reviews are key there), quality and trust.

The shipping cost limit for Spaniards seems to be €6.

Shipping remains a determining factor for the Spanish digital buyer profile and that ecommerces must take into account. Nine out of ten buyers prefer those ecommerce with free deliveries, to the point that 3 out of 10 do not mind approaching a delivery point if it avoids transportation costs.

The higher the Shipping costs The higher the chances that items will be left in the cart. The limit for Spaniards seems to be €6. Beyond this figure, the buyer seriously considers the purchase. He reception time of articles also seems to be vital. Only 9 out of 100 people would be willing to wait more than 15 days for their order. And the main reason for abandoned carts is due, in half of the cases, to the existence of hidden costs such as shipping costs or VAT.

Spaniards like last minute purchases

There is, furthermore, a cultural factor that especially distinguishes the Spanish digital consumer. We cannot avoid it and it is something that goes back a long time, even before the existence of ecommerce: we like last minute purchases. This fact is accentuated at key moments such as the Christmas or Valentine's campaign and is an interesting element to take into account in your sales strategies. Messages like “Buy now and it will arrive for the Three Kings” or “SOS Valentine's Day, buy now or you will be left without a gift!” They are perfect hooks that completely respond to the behavior of the homeland consumer.

Where do we buy? Mobile is the chosen medium in almost 8 out of 10 online purchases. Its presence is such that not having your 100% store adapted to mobile today is almost reckless. The desktop computer is chosen by only 22.5% of buyers.

And how much do we spend? Only 3 out of 10 Spanish digital consumers spend more than €100 per month on their purchases. Most are between €20 and €100. In this data there are several key issues that cannot be ignored if you are a brand or are in charge of a project and want to have sales success. As you see, one of the missions of mid-rocket, in addition to pursuing excellence in each digitalization project, is to advise our clients well. Issues such as how to guarantee the total trust of our user during the shopping experience, reminding our client of the importance of the shipping strategy or facilitating maximum speed in the transaction are important for our team.


If you want to have a successful ecommerce and for our team to give you the best advice on your sales strategy, ask mid-rocket!