Artmimo: the experience as a purchase impulse

The client required the creation of its brand image, as well as the development of a successful market launch strategy in a short period of time.

With very tight deadlines we manage to create your brand image, develop your platform and your launch strategy using agile methodologies


eCommerce, UX/UI, augmented reality, art, responsive, analytics, ads, SEO, Cloud

The case

The client required the creation of its brand image, as well as the development of a successful market launch strategy in a short period of time.

To tackle the project, we defined a digital strategy based on the development of an art sales platform that integrates the latest technologies in user experience. In its execution, we launched the development of a multiplatform app with immersive computing technology. Additionally, a user and artist management system was created to facilitate the internal administration of the client.

Digital strategy

Being a very traditional sector, the strategy had to be developed by thoroughly studying the market, the procedures and the preferences of the target audience. We developed a strategy that covered all the fundamental elements:

  • We design a brand identity with an aspect according to the sector coupled with an innovative interface.
  • We develop new exhibition and sales techniques.
  • We prepare successful online marketing campaigns focused on attracting artists and generating followers.
  • We structure and develop the logistics system to guarantee safe, fast and economic shipments with national coverage.

Immersive computing

The goal of the start-up was to hit the table and bet on technology to offer to a very digitally immature market. Based on the bet they wanted to make, we proposed the use of immersive computing to build consumer trust:

  • We study the market by segmenting it according to technological penetration.
  • We prepare a concept based on the market.
  • We develop a mixed reality application.
  • We implement training methodologies for the continued use of these technologies.

User experience

As we developed the digital strategy, the user experience became stronger as a key element in the execution of the idea. To do this, we progressively introduced different usability improvements that would enhance the purchase and satisfaction of users:

  • Browsing optimization thanks to the use of compression and asynchronous loading technologies, allowing users to enjoy works of art in maximum quality without sacrificing a pleasant experience.
  • Implementation of "One Click View" and "Detail View" without annoying page loads.
  • Buy art in two steps.
  • Study and UI/UX design of fundamental sections such as "Order a custom work".
  • Development of functions in AJAX avoiding the reloading of the page.


These implementations in terms of user experience allowed us to place the bounce rate below 5%. Regarding the purchase impulse, after the first phase of launching the project, we managed to increase the conversion rate by 68%.


Since the project is based on the digital environment, it was essential to implement it hand in hand with a Cloud solution. We planned the project in such a way that it would be scalable as the audience and transactions grew, without affecting the performance of the platform. In addition, we designed and developed the key services in the cloud, so that they were always accessible:

  • Artist management
  • Publication of works
  • Custom orders and orders
  • Artmimo for Business
  • Billing
  • Logistics Management
  • Payments and collections
  • Artwork insurance