Case studies

Each project presents a different challenge and, and therefore, we approach it with different technologies, solutions and equipment. Our priority is the achievement of the objectives of our clients. 

We are the digital partner of companies.

The client requested help in the development of a personalized ecommerce platform, which had to allow the management of furniture rental by subscription.

The client requested the design and development of an eCommerce platform plus the installation of a point of sale terminal for its physical stores with an essential requirement, to keep the stock of the stores unified and synchronized.

The client required the creation of its brand image, as well as the development of a successful market launch strategy in a short period of time.

The client requested an eCommerce platform to sell their products online. In addition, they required a strategy that contemplated the generation of sales through digital marketing.

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Digital strategy

We help companies transform their business digitally. To do this, you must have a plan.

User experience

Being competitive in a digital marketplace means crafting consumer-centric experiences.


It is a new paradigm where the development and implementation of solutions take new forms.

Data strategy

Users leave clues in their wake, we help understand them and integrate them into the strategy.


Information is the greatest asset of companies today, it must be rigorously protected.

Immersive computing

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality. We create interfaces to manage information more efficiently and naturally.