Rentchester: your furniture on subscription

The client requested help in the development of a personalized ecommerce platform, which had to allow the management of furniture rental by subscription.

The biggest challenge was the development of an automated subscription system through which its clients paid a monthly fee for a furniture package with various installments according to the terms desired by the client.


12 weeks

Digital consultant, Wireframing, ecommerce, UX/UI

The case

The idea of Rentchester was the sale and rental of furniture, focusing on the latter as an innovative element. Rentchester was looking to develop its first product on a tight budget for its market launch.

Our proposal; the development of a robust MVP to support the growth of the platform, limited in the level of functionalities to fit the budget.

Our focus; Midrocket had to be integrated into the product definition from the beginning, thus providing our experience in product development to avoid inefficiencies and cost overruns.

Product definition (↻ iterative) → Product development → Maintenance

Product definition

In this phase it is essential to understand and differentiate between what the client “has in mind” and what “the client needs”. It is a critical moment and can condition the rest of the project if it is not executed with due analysis.

In this case, we implemented 8 Brainstorming → Wireframing → Feedback sprints with the client until the product definition was completed. During these sprints, Midrocket and the client were fully involved:

  • Brainstorming: It consists of a meeting between Midrocket and the client in which we contribute ideas: market analysis, benchmarks, competition, etc.
  • Wireframing: We begin to draw up sketches of what the product could be in a non-specific way, which, with each iteration (sprint), tends to be more specific and whose last sprint is the delivery of a defined product.
  • Feedback: It is a phase very similar to Brainstorming in its execution, but it is advisable to separate it to evaluate only the previous phase and transfer the ideation to the next phase.

Product development

Once the product is defined, we have the instructions to develop the product. In this phase, the development team can work with very specific product documentation. At this point, the experience of the development team allows us to autonomously complement the product by providing the different cases not contemplated in the definition of the product.

In this case, after defining the product, the most important challenges were:

  • Custom theme development based on the wireframing elaborated in the product definition
  • Subscription system development based on installment modalities according to the terms selected by the client
  • Collection automation via Stripe


The technologies used for product development:

  • WordPress
  • Woocommerce
  • Stripe

Continuity and durability

One of our pillars in Midrocket's offer to our clients is the continuity and durability of the products. To achieve this, we develop projects with a certain capacity for self-management and use technologies with a broad user base, thus preventing future cost overruns. In any case, Continuity and durability are not conceivable without adequate maintenance carried out by experienced teams. At Midrocket we offer a maintenance package so that your product is not abandoned and is always adequately supervised.

In this case, in a personalized product like Rentchester it is highly recommended to have several hours of technical maintenance per month to guarantee continuity.